About The FMA Token

Folmac is the offcial website FMA TOKEN. Follow My Account Is A Project With A TRC-20 To Empower Data On The Blockchain In The Tron Network Equity. FMA Is A Solution That Exists To Offer A Solution To A Problem At One Time, Our Team Is Here And Ready To Build FMA. This FMA Product Is Safe Because It Is Decentralized, Useful, Easy To Use Based On The Tron Network.

The Problem Of Slow And High Block Confirmation On Other Tokens Can Be Cut Down By Fma, The Cost Of Fma Gas Is Very Cheap Following The Bandwidth Ofthetron Network Needs To Be Resolved Before We Target Buyers To Adopt Fma. And Most Importantly, This Requires A Great User Experience. Fma Aims To Change This By Simplifying Interaction Between Users And Of Course Decentralization. We Want To Make Fma A Good Ecosystem In A Tron Network Environment With A Decentralized Ecosystem, Of Course Anyone Can Have It Without Worrying About The Complexity Of The System.

Competition Add Liquidity FMA Token

This event will be held at 7 Desember 2020. The Prize is 6 FMA. The Winner who doesent removing the liquidity until competition finish. Follow the Rules if u want win the prize down below :

  • Doing add liquidity TRX/FMA Pair At Justswap

  • Mininmum Add Liquidity is 1200 TRX

  • Every 10 TRX Equals with 1 Point and Applies Multiply

  • Sent A Screenshoot, down bellow if you have joined the Competition

    Check Reward

FMA TOKEN is a solution for you

There are many benefit if you have a FMA Token, Here are the benefits if you have FMA TOKEN :

Secure Wallet

FMA is received, stored, and sent using software known as a TronLink. There are many variations of passages of wallet TRC-20 likes Token Pocket & Tron Wallet.

Fully Protection

Your wallet must be secured. FMA enable to transfer values ​​anywhere with very easy way and allows you to control your Crypto Money in TRC-20.

Analysis & Planning

Every user has unique needs, so there is no one-size-fits-all all exchanges. Our FMA TOKEN review details each supported exchange such as Justswap, CCTIP and Oneswap

Verified Project

FMA Project is a Verified Contract Project Implemented in TRON BLOCKCHAIN.Get your odds outside just by speculating on the FMA rate. sell the FMA and profit from the change extreme

Crypto Platform

We are very careful to ensure and make FMA as safe as possible. Storage offline provide essential security measures against theft or loss.

Buy & Sell Token

Blockchain works with exchange partners around the world to make purchases and FMA storage in your wallet makes for a seamless and secure experience.

FMA (Follow My Account) Token Information

Join the Indonesian Crypto Currency to discuss where the markets are heading. In the future, FMA will compete with other crypto currencies.

Starting Time : SEP 06, 2020
Contract : TQQ4....kNowvX
Soft cap : 500 FMA
Hard cap : 1500 FMA
Token : Follow My Account
Exchange Rate : 1 FMA = 1400$+
Token Sale : 125 FMA (13.75%)

500 FMA 1500 FMA Soft-Caps Hard-Caps
  • 1 FMA = 20.000 TRX

    Presale Ready
  • 15,000

    Supply Token
  • TRX

    Acceptable Currency

Token Allocation & Funds Distribution

  • 22%

    Team Founds & Developments

  • 10%

    Air Drop

  • 22%

    Public Sale

  • 28%


  • 18%


FMA Token Roadmap

Crypto Currency in the present era is increasingly widespread, as is the development of crypto in Indonesia, The following is a RoadMap that describes the concept of FMA, in the future Tron Blockchain ecosystem.

Our Teams

The following are the teams that participate in building the FMA community with passion and are people who are enthusiastic about developing the crypto community in Indonesia

Nando Dejave

Comunitty Manager Partner

Dede Bachtiar

Financial & Marketing Advisor

Aditya DN

Content Creator


Donate over do it hoping that FMA tokens will be used as an investment vehicle. Crypto asset trading is a high-risk activity. Crypto asset prices are very volatile, where prices can change significantly from time to time. Please use extra judgment in making decisions to buy or sell crypto assets.

FMA doesent force users to buy or sell crypto assets, as an investment, or as a for-profit act. All crypto asset trading decisions are independent decisions by the user

Trading With FMA Now !

The of crypto-currencies has become more widespread, and they are now increasingly accepted as a legitimate currency for transactions. FMA is the potential cryptocurrency and is used like other assets in TRC - 20 exchange for goods, services, and entertaiment .

FMA Token already, Listed on justswap, cctip, oneswap and any exchange in future. You can start your first trade at there. Choose Wallet That can support TRC-20 Securely buy and sell FMA alongside your already safely stored cryptocurrency.

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